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Cover patio three side attached to the house

Cover patio, three side attached to the house, four columns, two of them completely covered, with extension of deck area, unmatched with the pool.

  • Posts 6'x6'x10' in treated wood (concrete base).

  • Beams 2'x10'x20', Yellow Pine (4) 2'x10'x12'.

  • Rafters 2'x6'x16.

  • Deck and shingle roof to match house design and color of shingle.

  • All around structure will have 16 inch overhand wrapped in hardie products for long lasting.

  • 4’x8’ sheets of hardie for ceiling.

  • Run electrical and install 1 fan, 4 can lights, 2 sensors and 1 outlet (fan provided by homeowner).

  • Whole structure wrapped with hardie products and painted to match house color.

Cover Patio, three side, attached to the house

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