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Cover Patio in the pool area

Cover Patio in the pool area, four columns, covered in half. Including barbecue area.

  • Posts 6'x6'x10' in treated wood (concrete base).

  • Beams 2'x10'x20', Yellow Pine (4) 2'x10'x12'

  • Rafters 2'x6'x16'

  • Deck and shingle roof to match house design and color of shingle.

  • All around structure will have 16 inch overhand wrapped in hardie products for long lasting.

  • 4’x8’ sheets of hardie for ceiling.

  • Run electrical and install 1 fan, 4 can lights, 2 sensors and 1 outlet (fan provided by homeowner).

  • Whole structure wrapped with hardie products and painted to match house color.

Cover Patio in the pool area

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