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Pool Construction

If you have a big backyard, we could build the right and optimal size pool for your backyard entertainment. But your case might be that your backyard is small. No worries, we also have small but efficient pool designs. 

CHR believes that a pool construction process should be efficient, collaborative, and totally centered around your needs, your available space, and finally cost efficient. When it comes to your swimming pool, you have a vision, and it’s our job to make it come true.

Communication… Communication… Communication — we guarantee no surprises and always keeping project information up-front and up-to-the-minute. Throughout design and planning and well into construction, we will work together closely, every step of the way.

This is how we do it:

Abstract Linear Background

After CHR completes your design and you are satisfied and comfortable with the final look, we stake out the footprint of your new pool. This allows you to see how the pool will fit in your backyard.

Fencing and Excavation

A portion of your fencing will need to come down so that our workers can access your backyard during excavating. You will know the date a few days in advance so that all pets, lawncare equipment, furniture, etc., can be safely stored away. At this time, we will dig the depth and shape of your pool based on the exact details of the design specs.

Plumbing and Equipment

Installing plumbing lines is a vital step, and during this time we will pressure test the lines — all while getting read-outs of the pressure to ensure the hydraulic system is working properly. Our plumbers will work to deliver the safest configuration possible with a high level of craftsmanship guaranteed.


After the installation of the plumbing, it will be time to install the electrical equipment, including any lighting configurations you choose. Our electrical technicians will need to dig a 6-12” trench from your electric panel to the swimming pool equipment (since the pool’s electrical components will connect to your electricity box near the home). We ask that you mark and/or make known any sprinkler or drip lines to avoid damage. Please also take steps to remove plants or other items that need safeguarding before our crew arrives.

Structure and Surface

Reinforced steel rebar gives your pool the structure it needs, while delivering strength and long-term durability. After building the frame, our electrical crew will install the wiring and electrical pad. At this time, the interior of the pool takes shape and is smoothed into place. After the shotcrete is cured, we will apply your choice of plaster (QuartzScape or Diamond Brite).

Hardscape and Decking

At this stage, any hardscaping you called for in your design will be installed. Options and choices include outdoor kitchen, fire pit, a gazebo, custom water features, and other amenities that would’ve been covered and chosen in the design phase. Once these add-ons have been installed, our crew will build the pool deck according to the design.

Tile and Coping

Adding the beautiful waterline tile and coping are two of the finishing touches that will make this your very own swimming pool. For the tile, you will have numerous options for sizes, styles, patterns, and colors. Six inches of waterline tile will be installed at the top of your swimming pool: three inches below the water, and three inches above the waterline. For your coping, you could Travertine, Bricks, Stone, etc. All that would have been selected during the design phase.

Clean-Up and Start-Up

After construction is completed, we will clear the area to leave you with a perfectly clean backyard. Construction debris will be removed, your fence will be returned to its original appearance, and we will tend to any landscaping that was adjusted during construction. Now the fun begins! We will fill your pool, start up the equipment, and balance your water chemistry so that the first swim can take place right then and there.

Pool Renovation

When it is time to Remodel, CHR is here to take care of your needs. 
What could we do for you?  Here are some ideas. 

Pool Tile Cleaning.

This system consists of cleaning the Tile surface by the action of a granulated abrasive expelled by compressed air through a nozzle. Sand blast cleaning is widely used to remove scale or Old Calcium that forms on pool tiles, and in other processes in various industries.

It is not necessary to change the pool tiles if they are in good condition, since with the sandblaster process they recover by 90%. The client saves time and money since the tiles do not have to be replaced. In addition, the pool looks much better and is kept cleaner.


Over time, a pool’s finish can fade or begin to wear. We can resurface it with a brilliant new material to totally transform the look and feel of your swimming pool. Not only does this technique refresh your pool’s look, but it can also provide added protection against damage, allowing you to combine beauty with functionality.

Waterline Tile

New waterline tile is a great accent that can improve the appearance of your swimming pool. Numerous colors and shapes are available for you to choose from. Pick your pattern and change your pool with a simple yet elegant upgrade.  If your tile is in good shape, don’t replace it but complete a sandblast on your tile to recover its color and look.

Mosaic Tile Inserts

Mosaic tiles can add a unique look when you choose the symbol that suits your style. From geometric patterns to shapes of marine life, a mosaic is a classy way to add a fun element to your swimming pool.


Add an element of nature to your swimming pool by folding in a natural rock waterfall. This stunning element will give a unique look to your pool, while the relaxing sounds of gentle running water will provide ambiance for your guests to enjoy in your backyard oasis.


If you have basic lighting in your swimming pool and want to upgrade to a remote-controlled, color-changing LED light that makes for some pretty magical ambiance, you have numerous ways to light up your backyard in spectacular fashion.


If time, humidity and the sun has taken a big toll on your deck look with cracks on your slabs, a Spray Deck job will do wonders to your deck and to the final look of your backyard/pool setting.

Home Remodeling

We specialize in home remodeling customized interior and exterior designs and the project execution. Our exterior services include roofing, siding, window installation, covered patios, backyard decks, along with customized exterior accessories. Our interior work includes complete remodels, custom restoration work, kitchens, bedrooms, living space, bathrooms, new additions, and any type of interior damage repair.

Most importantly, because we employ our own specialized teams of installers that are trained and often times certified in their areas of expertise. We are dependable and our installers are held to a high standard of quality that we can stand behind. This allows us to offer extended warranties on our projects that give our customers peace of mind.
Check out what we can do for you!


Whether you’re dealing with a leak in your roof, storm damage, or you just have a roof that is at the end of its life, we will complete a full inspection of your roofing system and explain in detail what we think needs to be done and why.


We pride ourselves on our custom craftsmanship, which gives each and every home we side and trim an attractive, eye-catching quality. Choose from several different types of siding to fit your own personal style and taste.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors play a critical role in the beauty of a home, but they also play a vital role in energy savings. Every window we install is Energy Star rated to ensure you are getting the efficiency and performance that you are looking for.


Our estimators will sit down with you, listen to your dreams and make them become a reality. Our experienced team will share your vision and expand upon it, possibly beyond what you could have ever imagined. We'll have an experienced architect develop plans with you or work with plans you have already.


We offer kitchen cabinets, specialty cabinets, and other quality products, as well as full design and remodeling services. We carry styles & finishes to fit a variety of tastes and budgets. Not all kitchens are the same nor their spaces. We specialized in custom handmade cabinets – any shape, color, finished trims, etc. Let’s not forget about the kitchen floor and countertops. We will design your kitchen to the last detail and build it after your final design approval.


We offer bathroom cabinets, specialty cabinets, and other quality products.  We carry styles & finishes to fit a variety of tastes.  Our design-build method allows us to take each customer step-by-step through the development of their project, always considering what best fits their needs, vision, and budget. The shower tiles’ shape and color are endless and we will help you with the best and cost effective design. 


We offer free estimates on a wide range of remodeling services like stunning entryways, detailed trim work, custom fireplaces and so much more.  Quality, craftsmanship and service are the cornerstone of everything we do.

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