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Pool and barbecue area

Your yard size shouldn’t get in the way of owning a pool.  Small Kidney-Shaped Pool (Size: 17ft long x 10ft wide)


There are several reasons why people stray away from the idea of owning a pool. These reasons include but are not limited to limited space, reluctance to care for a high-maintenance pool, and having the difficult decision of choosing between pool or spa. If you identify yourself as such, perhaps a small pool is right for you! A small pool, otherwise known as a “spool,” is a pool that is smaller than a typical pool but flexible enough to enjoy similarly and year-round.

Although they are commonly found in confined spaces, they can be built for any! Just like a regular pool, you can customize the sizing of your spool. While so, most are constructed deep enough to match that of a normal-sized one. The best part? Small pools are less expensive and we can help to bring that extra enjoyment to your backyard. That is why we are in the backyard entertainment business.

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